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We offer three core services

Digital Strategy Consulting

Get the best ROI from your digital efforts with expert advice and hand-holding throughout your digital journey

Consultative Workshops

Upskill your teams to help them not just survive but thrive in an ever-evolving, fast-paced digital ecosystem

Digital Media Audits

Quarterly / half-yearly independent audits of your digital activities to provide new perspectives, leverage the latest trends, and get guidance and insights on growing revenue faster

Brands That Trust Us

Our team has worked with multiple leading global brands

Please note that some of this experience relates to work with other organizations and previous employers.

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

ROI-focussed strategy consulting to help drive three key outcomes

Enhanced results from digital marketing

Get the best ROI from digital efforts with expert advice and hand-holding throughout the digital journey

Capability building in the team

Work with and mentor the team on all key digital activities to increase their knowledge and capability in digital marketing

Building scalable systems and processes

Help the team build systems and process for all areas of digital marketing - campaign planning agency reviews, reporting, and measurement

Consultative Digital Marketing Workshops

Developing skills for organizational digital transformation


Tacheon understand very well that there is no one size fits all module, when it comes to corporate digital marketing workshops. Even companies in the same geography and industry can have very different training needs depending on their digital marketing maturity.

Our USP has always been highly customized workshops, with the training agenda and course content created specifically for the team after a detailed analysis of the training need - multiple discussions with the team leads / department heads as well as surveys of all the participants to understand their challenges and expectations


We believe that the best learning happens in sessions that are fun, conversational, and filled with activities and exercises to ensure learning by doing. All workshops team tacheon conduct are interactive and discussion-oriented with live examples, fun quizzes, and relevant case studies.


Our workshops are led by industry experts and are focused not just on sharing knowledge but also perspectives based on practice and experience. The brand’s digital presence and competitive landscape are studied in detail prior to the sessions and inputs for improving campaign performance are also shared with the team, during the learning sessions.

Digital Marketing Audits

Transparent, Independent digital marketing audits

Comprehensive audit across digital channels

Get a thorough assessment of your brand’s digital presence across all channels - owned, earned, and paid.

Choose to audit very specific areas of your digital marketing like your SEO or creative strategy or get a deep dive analysis of all your paid and organic digital activities. Eliminate ad fraud and wasted spend. Optimize ROI. Leverage best practices and the latest trends.

Gain New Perspectives & Identify Untapped Opportunities

Identify key strengths and weaknesses in your digital strategy and opportunities to capitalize on for performance improvement and competitive superiority.

Get insights, recommendations, and guidance for future campaigns

Get answers to key questions

Getting an independent audit is one of the best investments you will make. It will help you answer questions like:

    - Is your digital marketing performing to potential?
    - Is my digital marketing agency doing good work? [Even the best agencies miss out on things :)]
    - Is this the best my SEO can get?
    - Are we missing out on certain trends?
    - Do we have all the best practices incorporated?

and many other similar questions

Who We Are


Rohit Uttamchandani is a leading digital marketing and transformation consultant. He has helped multiple clients across India, the Middle East, and North Africa to leverage digital media and technology to achieve their business goals.

He has been recognized as one of the 100 Smartest Digital Marketing Leaders 2020 by ETNow, World Marketing Congress, Global Federation of Marketers & CMO Global.

Owing to his extensive experience in the digital marketing space, he has been invited to speak at prestigious conferences hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry, has been quoted in The Economic Times and The Hindu, and has also been featured twice in talks on NDTV.

You can learn more about Rohit’s professional experience on his LinkedIn profile.

Apart from Rohit, the Tacheon team also has domain experts who help execute specific activities across the globe. Please get in touch with us if you would like to partner with us.

Awards and Accolades

Sharing the stage with Google CEO Sundar Pichai & India’s IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at the launch of Digital Unlocked by Google

Recognized as one of the 100 Smartest Digital Marketing Leaders 2020 by ET Now, World Marketing Congress, Global Federation of Marketers & CMO Global

Recognized for “Outstanding Contribution to Digital Marketing” by Karunya University School of Management

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