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Unlock the future of brand health monitoring. Our Share of Search Dashboards give you valuable insights to help you maximize the impact of your brand marketing activities

What is Share of Search?

Share of Search is a leading indicator of brand health. It predicts market share, sales, and brand consideration.

Why You Need a Share of Search Dashboard?


Predict Market Share

Research has found Share of Search to be a leading indicator of Market Share


Measure Brand Health

A high share of search in a category equals a healthy brand

Unit Economics Tracking

Optimize Marketing Spend

Allocate resources where they count

Our Methodology for Share of Search Dashboards

Unlock the future of brand health monitoring. Our Share of Search Dashboards give you valuable insights to help you maximize the impact of your brand marketing activities

1. Aligned with Your Brand Objectives

We begin by understanding your specific goals for building a Share of Search dashboard.

  • Want to measure your brand campaign impact?
  • Need to track customer search interest against competitors?
  • Want to check how your brand is faring in a category you have just ventured into?
  • Running a test vs control geo experiment and want to measure its impact?

We tailor the dashboard to meet these objectives. For example, for your geo experiment, we build specific dashboards for your test and control regions.

2. Category Relevance

Not all brands or categories are suited for a Share of Search dashboard.

For instance, if your brand name overlaps with common terms, it can be challenging to isolate brand-specific search interest. An example would be if you have a brand like “Apple” in the tech industry, it can be challenging to differentiate whether the search interest is for the fruit or the tech company. Another example could be “Dove,” which is both a personal care brand and a bird.

Similarly, in categories where brand preference is not a key factor, a Share of Search dashboard may not be relevant. In categories like generic pharmaceuticals or bulk industrial supplies, brand preference often doesn’t play a significant role. Consumers may search for the product type rather than a specific brand, making a Share of Search dashboard less relevant in these cases.

We assess the fit of your brand and category to ensure the dashboard will provide actionable insights.

3. Keyword Bundle for Share of Search Measurement

After understanding your objectives and assessing category fit, we conduct detailed keyword research. We identify all relevant keywords for your brand and competitors in your target locations. These keywords are then shared with you for your input.

4. Share of Search Dashboard Construction

We build a Share of Search dashboard that aligns with your brand objectives and category relevance. It’s designed for ease of use and actionable insights.

5. Monthly Dashboard Updates

We continuously update the keyword bundle to adapt to market changes and trends, keeping your dashboard as accurate as possible. For example, if a competitor launched a new product in the category, the volume of those search terms need to be included in the Share of Search calculation to keep it accurate.

The Share of Search computation is aso updated with the latest data every month, ensuring you’re always in the know.

6. Insights and Recommendations

We consult on deriving actionable insights from your dashboard and measuring the impact of your campaigns. We guide you on how to make data-driven decisions for optimal results.

Our methodology ensures that your Share of Search Dashboard is not just a tool, but a strategic asset for your brand’s growth.

Share of Search tracker examples

Share of Search Dashboards: FAQs

Share of Search is the percentage of search queries for your brand relative to total searches in your category. It’s a key indicator of brand health.

A higher Share of Search typically correlates with higher market share and sales. It’s a leading indicator that can predict future performance.

It helps you gauge brand consideration, optimize marketing spend, and predict sales. It’s a one-stop metric for brand health.

Unlike traditional metrics like impressions or clicks, Share of Search directly correlates with market share and sales, offering a more holistic view.

It’s generally very accurate but can be influenced by seasonal trends, news, and marketing campaigns. Context is key.

It’s the number of searches for your brand divided by the total number of searches for all competitors in your category, usually multiplied by 100 to get a percentage.

We use search engine keyword volume data, primarily from Google, to build the dashboard

Since we use search volume data from Google as our source and Google updates this data once a month, our dashboards are also updated once a month

Any brand—small or large—that wants to monitor its brand health and measure the impact of brand marketing campaigns should use this dashboard.

Look for trends in Share of Search to understand brand health. Use it to adjust marketing strategies and allocate resources.

Yes, you can monitor competitors or subsidiaries to get a comprehensive market view.

After an initial consultation, we’ll customize and set up your dashboard within a week.

While powerful, Share of Search isn’t perfect. It can be influenced by short-term events like viral news or marketing campaigns, potentially skewing data. It may not account for offline factors affecting brand health. Also, it’s more effective for categories where search behavior is a strong indicator of purchase intent. Always use it alongside other metrics for a balanced view.

Yes, we share data exports in excel/csv formats with you for any further analysis that you may want to run

Contact us for an initial consultation. We’ll assess your needs and start building your custom dashboard.

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