D2C Growth Blueprint With Templates and Checklists

Scale Your D2C Business Efficiently

An actionable roadmap to efficiently scale your D2C brand to 10,000 orders a month, within a year of starting up.

Invest in your D2C brand’s future. Get your copy of D2C Growth Blueprint today.

You will also get access to seven valuable checklists and templates.

PS: The blueprint is 100% personal practical experience and advice that has helped scale multiple early-stage D2C brands. It has 0% ChatGPT content 🙂

What D2C Founders Are Saying About D2C Growth Blueprint

Prasanna VasanaduFounder at Tikitoro
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“D2C Growth Blueprint lives up to its title - a clear blueprint to help early-stage D2C founders understand the nitty-gritty of the D2C space and know which buttons to push to drive rapid growth. The blueprint provided me with practical advice and invaluable insights from a seasoned D2C growth consultant. Implementing the strategies outlined in the book has had a profound impact on the business. Highly recommended for anyone looking to achieve success in the world of D2C!”
Baranidharan PachaFounder & CCO at Waterful™
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“As a culinarian turned D2C entrepreneur, Rohit's blueprint for D2C brands has helped me a lot. It is filled with hard facts and stark realism and brings out his astute sense of understanding of the D2C space & its ever-changing dynamics. The blueprint is very well drafted, absolutely to-the-point & very relevant - as I would call it "True Rohit Style". A must-buy & read for any aspiring, founding, growing or struggling D2C brands. If you are not a founder ~ still would recommend reading this well-compiled book to understand a master brain & how it thinks! Wishing Rohit the best & as he continues to inspire & guide many entrepreneurs.”
Arun SriramFounder at Nutriquo Foods
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“Rohit brings great experience to the table, in helping D2C startups with accelerating growth. This book succinctly captures the key steps and techniques needed to ensure that the critical success factors are kept well in mind, as early-stage founders and growth teams go about building their D2C and e-commerce business.”
Nagesh RLaunching a D2C brand
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“For someone like me who is just dipping their toes into the world of D2C, this blueprint has been an absolute gem. It has provided me with a clear roadmap for starting my own brand. The actionable advice and real-world examples have given me the confidence to grow a brand in the D2C space. If you're a beginner looking to explore the D2C space, I highly recommend this book as your ultimate guide."

Why you will need this D2C Growth Blueprint

Are you an early-stage D2C founder looking to efficiently accelerate your business growth?

Building a successful D2C brand from scratch is hard, and many founders make common mistakes that hold them back.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to avoid those mistakes and accelerate your growth journey?

D2C Growth Blueprint gives you an actionable roadmap to scaling your D2C business in the quickest time and at the lowest possible cost.

It will help you:

It’s a valuable resource that will help you take your business to the next level.

Invest in your D2C brand’s future and get your copy of D2C Growth Blueprint today.

Who is this blueprint for?


Early-Stage D2C Founders


Aspiring D2C Founders


Growth teams at early-stage D2C brands


D2C digital agency teams


Offline Businesses who want to go D2C

About the Author

Author Rohit Uttamchandani sharing the stage with Google CEO Sundar Pichai & India’s IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at the launch of Digital Unlocked by Google

Author Rohit Uttamchandani recognized as one of the 100 Smartest Digital Marketing Leaders 2020 by World Marketing Congress

Author Rohit Uttamchandani featured in the exchange4media Digital 40 Under 40 list in Nov 2021

Rohit Uttamchandani is the founder of Tacheon, a growth strategy consulting firm. He has helped multiple brands across various sectors craft their growth strategies, scale their brand presence, and leverage media and technology to achieve their business goals.

He has been recognised as one of the 100 Smartest Digital Marketing Leaders 2020 by the World Digital Marketing Congress and has been featured in the exchange4media Digital 40 Under 40 list in 2021.

Owing to his extensive experience and his passion for speaking and educating, he has been invited to speak at prestigious conferences including those hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry, has been quoted in The Economic Times and The Hindu and has also been featured twice in talks on NDTV.

In the D2C and e-commerce space, he has played the role of a fractional CMO / CGO at multiple brands and helped them scale.

You can learn more about Rohit’s professional experience on his LinkedIn profile.

Apart from Rohit, the Tacheon team also has domain experts who help execute growth strategies for multiple brands across the globe. Please get in touch with us if you would like to partner with us.

What’s Inside


Section 1
The Non-Negotiables

Acquire the skills to build and strengthen the foundation of your business - enhance product efficacy, scale new product development, and create a delightful customer support experience.

Chapter 1 – Product Efficacy and Innovation:
Product is the foundation of your D2C business. Learn to build a product portfolio that customers love.

Chapter 2 – Customer Service:
Develop the ability to build and scale your customer support team, to delight clients and make your support experience a strong differentiator.


Section 2
The Fundamentals

Fundamentals are key to success. Track and optimize your unit economics, prepare your online store for growth, build convincing communication for each audience segment, budget correctly and set up your supply chain and logistics for hypergrowth.

Chapter 3 – Unit Economics
Track the unit economics for your business and make optimizations to help you drive growth more sustainably

Chapter 4 – Audience Insights and Segmentation
Create an audience definition and segmentation document to communicate brand and product value to target audiences effectively.

Chapter 5 – Brand and Product Communication:
Create a document that details the needs of your target audience, how your brand solves them and what you should communicate to each audience segment to believe in your brand and product.

Chapter 6 – Your Online Store
implement all fundamental aspects that your eCommerce store must have to drive growth.

Chapter 7 – Supply Chain and Delivery Ecosystem
Gain expertise in building an efficient supply chain and logistics function to reduce operational costs, improve profitability, and create a delightful post-purchase experience.

Chapter 8 – Planning and budgeting:
Know how to plan your marketing budgets for sustainable growth


Section 3
Growth Levers

Get an in-depth understanding of the various growth levers that can help you scale your D2C business and how you can implement each one most effectively and effectively.

Chapter 9 – Performance Marketing
Key levers and best practices to ensure you are getting the best ROI from your performance marketing campaigns

Chapter 10 – Brand and Community Building:
Master the techniques to get the best results from your brand marketing activities. Learn the best practices for set-up, optimization, and measurement.

Chapter 11 – Scaling Average Order Value (AOV)
Implement tried and tested tactics to increase your AOV.

Chapter 12 – Optimizing Store Conversion Rates
Learn and implement various optimizations to improve your store experience and maximize your conversion rate.

Chapter 13 – SEO
Learn all the key aspects of SEO that you should implement, along with the KPIs to track to measure progress.

Chapter 14 – Retention
Retention is the lifeblood of your D2C business. Learn the various retention strategies and how you can implement them to drive customer loyalty and advocacy.

Chapter 15 – Marketplaces Growth
Master every aspect of scaling your brand on marketplaces. Learn all the tactics and strategies to increase your revenue.

Chapter 16 – Data Infrastructure
Set up your data infrastructure to enable you to take data-driven decisions and drive quicker growth.

Chapter 17 – Offline Expansion
Understand how offline expansion can take your growth to the next level, whether it is right for you and when you could take the offline plunge

Chapter 18 – Talent
Good talent is a critical component of growing your brand. Learn the key roles you would need to hire for, when you should hire them and where you can hire from.

Bonus - Get Free Checklists and Templates Bundle worth INR 999 free

Apart from getting a comprehensive roadmap to scale your brand, you will also get access to these valuable checklists and templates:

New Product Launch

New Product Launch Checklist

Business Level

Unit Economics Template – Business Level and Product Level

Product Communication

Brand and Product Communication Template


Ecommerce Website Fundamentals Checklist


Budget Plan Template


Creative Plan Template

SEO Dashboard Template

SEO Dashboard Template

A Small Investment For Big Rewards

We understand that some may be hesitant to spend money on an ebook, but we want to assure you that the value you’ll receive from this ebook is far greater than the small investment of INR 999.

Think of it this way: you could very easily spend INR 999 on a meal at a nice restaurant or a shopping spree, and while these experiences may be enjoyable in the moment, they won’t provide long-term benefits to your D2C business.

On the other hand, by investing in this blueprint, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies, along with valuable checklists and templates, that could ultimately not only save you lakhs of rupees in wasted time, resources, and missed opportunities, but also help you scale your revenue manifold.


In summary, this blueprint offers a low-cost solution to help you avoid costly mistakes, find the best path to follow, the right buttons to press and drive growth for your D2C brand.

Making this investment for your business now will pay off significantly in the future.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your D2C business to the next level. Get your copy of the blueprint today. You won’t regret it.

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